Jonathan Sadler is a fullstack developer who develops applications in the cloud with a focus on SPA creation (single page application) and microservices architecture.
About Me
Rest Apis- Development

1) Simple social media Web App. It allows different users to make posts to a feed and delete them after under there account. It demonstrates use of the MEAN stack utilizing Mongo DB, Single page design (Angular), authentication and authorization. It consumes a restful api.

2) Delayed Instant Message (SMS) Gateway. (login first),​ (monitor SMS batch jobs),​ (sends sms via restful api).

Enterprise- Development

1) Eyeland Eyewear Ecommerce (Magento) Pricing Range Modules.

2) CBIRT Construction Project Management Enterpise Software- Interfaces. Create mockups with Sketch and Adobe suite.

Interativity and UX

1) Billy Craig’s (Insurance) Website.

2) Videogame made for Grace Foods

Alpha- Development- Experimental

1) Spotify clone

Web, Mobile and Rest Api Development.